Stock Market Trading

As well as those commercials all those years ago (??!!), I trade shares. And Indicies. And currencies (FOREX). I have been trading the markets for some 25 years, although on a far more serious note for the last 12, with the last few years on a part-time & full time basis - trading intra-day and taking positions alike. I semi-retired in 2004, so now it is sort of playing the markets.

I had been primarily working on the Corporate Finance side of the 'wall' in the City, sourcing and vetting young companies for investment, but decided that even though 'there are Chinks in a Chinese Wall' and was constantly calling the dealers for prices (or getting nudges from them), I actually wanted to be hands on again, properly. Full time trading, with no 6.15am train to Waterloo, drain to Bank, walk from Bank, the reverse of the same again at 6.30pm; it's so much better... Having done 'OK' over the years, and not really having to worry about income, I wanted to play like I used to. I do still keep involved to some extent with my old Firm (and have interests in another newer firm and a fund manager), but now basically trade full time, when I want, without the commuting.

I take long positions, both in the sense of the word (time) and trader speak (buy), and short positions (trader speak - short sell). I also take pre-IPO and Private Placing positions. I trade the Dow opening (Nasdaq, S&P 500, Russell as well, depending on overnight changes etc.), which is a nice daily income. Trade & Fade the Gap! I also take pre-IPO seed and private placings.

I trade Forex & Indicies with help from the guys at Forex121 -Live Room. Excellent forecasts each morning, giving you levels to set on your charts, plus intra-day e-mail alerts all day. A real must. There is a free trial and then minimal ongoing cost. 300-500 pips a week. Just read the testimonials. This is no joke. Read more here.

I use the free Meta Trader 4 Software... It is very good, and free. Check it out here. I also trade CFDs and Spread Bet. It is a good way of gearing your cash, but be careful.

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Stockmarket pivot points here. Handy if you trade the Indicies.