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I am a life-long fan Chelsea FC. I grew up at the Bridge, and have been a season ticket holder since the 80s. I moved to MHU Stand when it was built – have been there since. Home & away season ticket holder. I am also I am in European away scheme, so go with Chelsea everywhere in Europe. I like to post my thoughts and opinions on the game, as well as other related and unrelated goings on. And maybe even the odd joke…

Flat Eric & Chelsea FC

I also have a page that announces my support for my beloved football club, the Mighty Chelsea FC. A life-long fan, through all the bad times (yes, I was there when we were sh1t), as well as this recent 10-15 years or so where we have won a few things and continually get better results, I can now shout from the rooftops.

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As mentioned above, there are some Flat Eric trailer clips and images are free for download. I’m uploading new stuff as and when I can. I also have links to some of the youtube videos on the Flat Eric page.

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