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This site is just a personal site for me (?!), the famous Flat Eric, to share some clips and pics of myself (?!) to all fans. Check out my collection and see links to some of my other fan sites here and some videos, and the Mr Oizo video here. I am an Icon, of course. Since the Levis Jeans days I have moved in to other things, as one would expect. But I expect there is more about me that you don't know...

I trade shares. And Indicies. And currencies. More on my city stuff here. I still trade Forex in the morning - check out the Forex121 (excellent) Live Trading Room. It is excellent. Just 30mins each morning - and an email with market forecast and orders is sent out. The Forex121 Live Room also offers one-on-one traning - a must. You must learn to trade - so learn from a pro. Take the one-2-one training. 300 to 500 pips a week is certainly possible, read more here.

As well as FX, I also trade stocks and Indicies. I trade with Ninjatrader, and also Dukascopy for Forex. For those wanting to try trading without using their own money, try CapitalSpreads, where a £10,000 demo account can be used to help you practice, and then they will match your first £100 deposit as well. The spreads are nowhere neat like traing with Dukas, though, but maybe it's better for beginners?

This Flat Eric website also provides the odd joke and a few links to an associated site or two. The ADVFN stock market bulletin board website is worth a visit, where I post lots of jokes & wind up other teams' football supporters.

I also have a page that announces my support for my beloved football club, the Mighty Chelsea FC. A life-long fan, through all the bad times (yes, I was there when we were sh1t), as well as this recent 10-15 years or so where we have won a few things and continually get better results, I can now shout from the rooftops. Read my blog.

As mentioned above, there are some Flat Eric trailer clips and images are free for download. I'm uploading new stuff as and when I can. I also have links to some of the youtube videos on the Flat Eric page.

I created this website a couple of years ago, but it has been a little neglected of late. Well, I am always busy, so am building more pages just now and then, as and when I can find time. And the joke collection may get updated when I have even more spare time. But please be patient.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or (sensible) suggestions. Contact Flat Eric here.


Flat Eric

Flat Eric